What To Expect?

The first consultation lasts approximately 1.5 hours as I will need to take a thorough medical history and gain an understanding of your individual nature and how you are affected by your illness.

In order to make a successful prescription a homeopath needs to know as much as possible about the patient and their medical and life history. The more information you can give the better. It doesn’t matter what you choose to talk about but just to be honest and “say it as it is “. I may ask some questions to gain more insight into the real you and make sure your medicine is tailor made to suit you and your exact state as opposed to another person. The choice of remedy is such that it matches completely mentally and physically to the character of each patient.

I will observe your whole picture of health to see how illness has impacted on your life and what limitations it imposes, rather than focussing on the diagnosis itself. Your thoughts, feelings, metabolism, hormones, digestion, nerves, immunity and sleep pattern are all taken into account so that a complete portrait of you, yourself and your situation is obtained.

Highlighted below are the areas that I focus upon during the consultation:

•PHYSICAL MAKE UP –   such as hair, features, weight etc.

•MENTAL MAKE UP  – such as your basic nature, emotions,  sensitivity etc.

•GENERAL MAKE UP –   such as thirst, appetite, thermals etc.