Individualised treatment

Medicines are prescribed, not on the basis of a single symptom, but on a much larger picture, which includes the person’s constitution, past medical and life history, mental and emotional state, life-style and much more. Disease is not a single isolated event but is an expression of disharmony in the whole person. This disharmony expresses itself through various psychological and physical discomfort which we call symptoms. Homeopathy does not treat diseases as such – rather it treats the whole person. This explains, for example, why six people diagnosed as having ‘arthritis’ may each receive a different homeopathic medicine.

A deep understanding of the relationship between symptoms and the person’s life expression is essential in order to make an effective prescription.

Homeopathic medicines involve such minute doses that side-effects are avoided and they can be taken safely. They are non-addictive and can be taken alongside conventional drugs if necessary.