Follow up Appointments

Follow up consultations will usually be around four to six weeks after the first prescription, although in some cases it may be sooner. In order to assess any changes that have occurred since you took the medicine and to make any necessary adjustments in prescription.

At the follow-up appointment, which lasts 1 hour, the response to the medicine is discussed, to see what has changed, what has improved or feels worse or might be the same,  the whole spectrum of changes and shifts will be discussed. The homeopathic remedy might then be repeated, altered and a different remedy given. I may suggest waiting longer if things are moving well and resolving until your response to that medicine has slowed or finished.

There is a wide variation in the way individuals respond to the medicines. Some experience improvements shortly after taking the medicine, and others requiring more than one medicine before an effect is observed. Once there is evidence that you have started to improve, follow-ups are made at longer intervals.

The number of consultations you require will vary according to your symptoms and the length of time you have had them. It is important to remember that Homeopathy can be used on an ongoing basis to support your long term health even if you are on medication from your GP.

What do we need to tell you in a follow-up?

First and foremost, you need to tell us how you feel with your chief complaint and  any associated complaints. Here it is very important that while reporting a chief complaint, it is better you also mention the new problems or if you have suffered from the same problem in the past, because they indicate that we need to change your medicine/potency. 

Do mention about your temperament, desires, sleep, dreams and appetite. In mental sphere, we need to know if anything had happened to upset you at home or at your work place, like any argument, or some bad news etc. All these symptoms when told in detail, help us to treat you better.